Width (mm) – 150

Thickness (mm) – 5

Safe-Hydraulic Pressure Meters – 20

Description and Suitability – Dumb-bell type with double central bulb specially developed for L&T ECC construction group.

Product Description


PVC Water Stopper is profiles based on specially formulated plasticized PVC composition. Water stoppers are used in the concrete masonry construction of hydraulic structures to safeguard from hydrostatic pressure and water seepage. Water stopper also withstands expansion or contraction of joints and takes care of any deflection or displacement arising due to change in temperature or settlement of foundation eliminating danger of cracks. These are engineered as Water Tight Seals in poured concrete structures.


Color: (Standard) Black/White length in 25 meters or as desired colour & length.


Note: We can manufacture any design of PVC Stopper as per requirement.



  • Optimum resilience.
  • High Elasticity & Stretch Strength.
  • Immune to Corrosion.
  • Excellent weather resistant.
  • Effective in tropical climates.
  • High Mechanical Strength.
  • Good aging & longer life Unaffected by acids, alkalies, metals salts and other chemicals.
  • Non-hazardous and Fire retardant.
  • Lower water absorption than.
  • Easy welding & installation.
  • Withstand high Hydrostatic pressure.
  • Works as Watertight Seal.
  • Allows safe passage of seepage water.
  • High Tensile Strength.
  • Can bear shocks of heavy turbines, Earthquakes, Floods.



Public Utilities: Bridges, Road Embankments, Concrete Roads, Tunnels, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Sewage Disposal Systems, Neutralization Tanks.

Buildings: Basement Foundations Floor Slabs, Terrace, Concrete Runways, Retaining Walls, Overhead Under-grounds Water Tanks, Multi-story Buildings.

Industries: Fertilizer, Steel Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations. Atomic Reactors, Shipyards Docks, Cooling Towers.

Agriculture: Dams, Canals, Aqueducts, Large Reservations, Irrigation projects.

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