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PVC Waterstops are profiles based on specially formulated plasticised PVC composition. Waterstops are used in concrete masonary construction of hydraulic to safeguard from hydrostatic pressure and water seepage. Waterstops also withstand expansion or contraction of joints and take care of any deflection or displacement arising due to change in temperature or settlement of foundation eliminating danger of cracks. these are engineered as water Tight Seals in poured concrete structures.

Installation & Jointing

Firstly one half of the waterstop is embedded in the concrete leaving the second half extended. Second half is also embedded leaving the centre bulb free from expansion and contraction. Care should be exercised in pouring concrete without misaligning the waterstop. Following joints may be fabricated by means of simple tools and heat fusion/welding.



Dams, Canals Acuaducts, Large Reservoirs, Irrigation Projects.

Pubic Utilities:

Bridges Road Embankments, Concrete Road, Tunnels, Water Tanks, Swimming Pools, Municipal Hydraulic Projects, Water Filteration Plants, Sewage Plants, Calrifiers, Sewage Disosal Systems Neutralisation Tanks.


Basements & Foundations Floor Slabs, Terraces, Concrete Runways, Retaining Walls, Overhead & Underground Water Tanks, Multistoreyed Buildings.


Fertiliser Steel, Effluent Treatment Plants, Thermal Power Stations, Atomic Reactors, Shipyards & Docks, Cooling Towers.


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