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If you need a high-quality rubber, engineering plastic or sealing product, R.S. ARORA RUBBER CORPORATION can fulfil your requirements.

Elastomeric Bearings are designed and manufactured as per IRC:83(par II) 1987 with the lastest amendments, to meet the requirements of MOST Specification for Road & Bridge Works to Section NO: 2000 To Clause No.2005 of 1997 (Elastomeric Bearing): And to International Union of Railways Code No UIC 772 R (Use o Rubber Beadings for Railway Bridges). Elastomeric Bearing Consists of one or more internal layers of elastomer bonded to internal steel laminates shall be cast as single unit in a mould and vulcanized under heat & pressure, to cater for translation and / or rotation of the superstructure by elastic deformation The raw elastomer used in Bearings are poly-chloroprene, either of Brands: Neoprene WRT, Bayprene 110, Skyprene B5, Denka S-40V in order to have low crystallization ate and adequate shelf life. The content of the Poly Chloroprene in the Bearing is not less than 60% and the ash content shall be less than 5%. The steel laminates used in the bearing shall the specifications of IS : 226